How do I get to Villa Amavi / Mission Beach?

Please visit the "Contact Us" page for location details. Prior to your stay, I will also send directions as it can be a bit tricky to find. 

How far is Villa Amavi from the main centre?

Villa Amavi is at South Mission Beach, there is a supermarket at Wongaling Beach about 8 mins drive, and Mission Beach village is about 15 mins drive.

From South Mission Beach, other main centres are Tully (30 mins), Innisfail (45 mins), Cairns (2 hours), Townsville (2.5 hours).

Is Villa Amavi Pet Friendly?

Pets are most definitely welcome; I know what it's like to go on holidays and not have them with you. 

Please remember we are in a rainforest, so don't leave your furry friends outside on their own as the local wildlife can be about. 

Please keep pets off sofas or beds and ask guests use the throws provided, just in case. 

There is a fully fenced area beside the home on the master bedroom side for doggies convenience, and I ask you to clean up any little gifts before you leave. 

There's also a pet pack with some of the comforts of home for your furry family members; you will find these in the garage on one of the shelves.

Is there a fenced area for dogs?

Yes, our property includes a fenced garden area designed to accommodate dogs. For more details on the location and layout of this area, please refer to the floor plan.

Villa Amavi Floor Plan | Villa Amavi

Is Villa Amavi on the beachfront?

Villa Amavi is not beachfront. However, it is set up high on a hill overlooking the beach, which is how you get those fantastic views.

What time is check-in? Is it possible to have an early check-in?

Check-in time is anytime after 3 pm; however, if no-one is checking out on the same day, I can usually offer an early check-in on request.

What time is check-out? Is it possible to have a late check-out?

Check-out time is by 10 am; however, if no-one is checking in on the same day, I can usually offer a late check-out on request.

What is the minimum night stay at Villa Amavi?

Our minimum stay requirement at Villa Amavi varies depending on the time of your visit. For standard periods, we require a minimum of 2 nights. However, during school holiday periods, the minimum stay is extended to 3 nights.

Where is the nearest beach?

South Mission Beach is about 2 min drive down the hill, Wongaling Beach is about 8 mins drive and Mission Beach about 15 mins drive.

You can walk down the hill to South Mission Beach, about 10-15 mins; however, it is a steep walk back up the hill.

Can you swim at the beach?

My preference is to swim in the pool; it's safe and free from stingers and crocs and way more private.

In stinger season, both South Mission Beach (2 mins drive) and Mission Beach (15 mins drive) have stinger nets. When stinger nets are in place, you should only swim in the ocean if you are inside the nets, and protective clothing is recommended.

Read here for more info on stingers:

Is there a swimming pool? What sort of water temperature is it likely to be?

Yes, Villa Amavi has a swimming pool with a dreamy view of Dunk Island. The pool is outdoors and a suitable temperature for swimming all year round, both day and night.

There is also a shade sail over the western end, which not only offers shade from the sun from midday onwards but keeps the pool cool in summer on the scorching days, usually in Jan & Feb.

There are also sun lounges and deck chairs, and pool toys in the shed for guests use.

Is there Parking?

Yes, there is a double garage and a single parking bay at the front of the home. Two additional cars will also fit in the driveway in front of the garage.

I have a boat. Where can I park it?

You could park the boat across the front of the double garage, but it cannot block the driveway for neighbours. There is an area beside the home next to an easement that would accommodate a boat or jet ski. Please also note that the driveway is quite steep; concrete trucks and removal trucks can get up the driver, but please take care.

Alternatively, I live down the hill near the boat ramp, so I would also be happy for you to keep the boat there when not in use if you'd prefer not to take the boat up the hill. 

Is there Wi-fi in the House?

Yes, log in details are on the kitchen fridge and in the information book at the house.

Is there an airconditioning system?

Yes, the house is fully airconditioned.

Is the kitchen equipped?

Yes, the kitchen is very well equipped with appliances, utensils, essential pantry items, condiments, herbs and spices and cooking oils and sauces.

Would we have to share the Villa or do we rent the whole property? Do we share it with someone living there?

Once you are arrive the place is yours and completely private for your stay. 

We are a family of 4 – with 2 teenage children, would they be sharing a room?

For 4 guests where there are children in the group, you have a couple of options for bedrooms:

1) Master & Bedroom 2 (with 2 singles - children share the room)

OR if they are a bit older

2) Master & Bedroom 3 (Queen) & Family Room/Bedroom 4 (with either single or king). 

What things can you do at Mission Beach?

There's a lot to do at Mission Beach; check out our "Mission Beach Holidays" page for some ideas or visit the Mission Beach Tourism website (

There is also a folder with loads of information at the house for you to browse through and find some ideas.

Or you can stay put in your secluded hideaway at Villa Amavi, enjoy the views, pool, outdoor dining, taking time out to relax.

Are there Restaurants or pubs nearby?

There are some great eating places at South Mission, Wongaling, Mission Beach and Bingil Bay.

South Mission Beach: Tuskers (great food and atmosphere at the Surf club, live music on occasion), Beachcombers Cafe (takeaway or eat in at the caravan park), Mission Thai.

Wongaling: Spicy Thai (excellent food & atmosphere), The Shack Espresso Bar Mission Beach: Peppervine (always good food & relaxed), Castaways resort restaurant, Shanti (great breakfasts & cafe), Mission Beach Tavern (steakhouse restaurant).

Bingil Bay: Bingil Bay Cafe (great food, live music, has to be experienced) There is a taxi service if you want to head out at night and have a few drinks. 

Where is the closest Supermarket?

Woolworths supermarket at Wongaling Beach, about 8 mins drive from the Villa. IGA supermarket at Tully, about 30 mins drive from the Villa.

I am coming to visit family. Is Villa Amavi suitable for family?

Yes, Villa Amavi is an excellent place for a family get-together.

The large terrace that overlooks the view, includes a day bed and chair setting, an eight seater dining table, BBQ, pizza oven, an open plan living area and a gourmet kitchen with plenty of space. There is also a second kitchen fridge/freezer for extra food and drinks.

For those with small children, there is also a porta-cot.

We would like to organize a family gathering. Is Villa Amavi suitable for it?

Yes, the home is well set up for a family gathering - birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, bridal party dinners, and family get-togethers for any reason. All have been hosted at the home, and it works wonderfully. The kitchen is well set up for cooking along with the outdoor BBQ and pizza oven, plus there is also a 2nd kitchen if needed.

We usually do a buffet-style set up in the dining area, and the terrace and pool area can accommodate about 20-30 guests for a sit down meal comfortably.

Let me know what you need, and I can share some ideas on how we've set up the kitchen, dining and outdoor terrace. I can assist you with additional tables and chairs or even catering with enough notice.

We are looking a special place for our Honeymoon. Is Villa Amavi suitable for that?

Yes, it has been the destination for many honeymooners over the years; its privacy and seclusion make it a perfect place to get away and relax after the busy time leading up to the wedding.

Please see our romantic packages on the "Treat Yourself" page, and if there is something else you'd like that is not included there, please don't hesitate to ask. I am happy to help where I can.

I want to surprise my partner with a Romantic Getaway, is there any package for the occasion?

Yes, we have a romantic getaway package; see our "Treat Yourself" page for options.

We are coming over for a Girls Getaway, what can we do to make it special?

Over the years, we've had a few girls getaways and retreats at the home, and it's perfect for that. We can organise pamper packages along with a massage and yoga from locals that come to the house.

Please see our pamper packages on the "Treat Yourself" page, and if there is something else you'd like, that isn't included there, please don't hesitate to ask. I am happy to help where I can.

Can I rent a car?

Yes, car rental is available in Cairns.

How can we get to Dunk Island?

Yes, there is a water taxi that leaves from Wongaling Beach and regularly returns each day. Check out our "Experience Mission Beach" page for details.

Is the Rainforest close?

Yes, we are surrounded by the rainforest, which is a fantastic experience. Still, there are also things to be aware of when living so close to the rainforest, and I have included some useful guides in the information book at the home.

Importantly, there are rainforest creatures that live close by and as lovely as it is to be so close to nature, we like to keep them in their own habitat and avoid sharing the home with them. To help with that, the house is fully screened, and we ask guests to always keep the screen doors closed at all times, so that we can maintain the local rainforest creatures out of the home and on their own.

Are there any activities we can book?

Yes, there are loads of things to do in the area, enough to keep you busy for weeks; from enjoying the many walking tracks in the area, rainforest swimming holes, adrenalin adventures to pampering.

Please check out our "Experience Mission Beach" for details, and we have also included a folder packed with information on things to do at the home. 

Do you know a good source of info on which beaches close by have stinger nets and which don't?

My preference is to swim in the pool; it's safe and free from stingers and crocs and way more private.

In stinger season, both South Mission Beach (2 mins drive) and Mission Beach (15 mins drive) have stinger nets. When stinger nets are in place, you should only swim in the ocean if you are inside the nets, and protective clothing is recommended.

Read here for more info on stingers:

Are there many mosquitos or similar that we should prepare for?

Mosquitos are around most of the year. We provide sandalwood sticks and citronella candles on the outdoor terrace. This helps to keep them away, and there is also a supply of insect spray that keeps them at bay if necessary.

The home is fully screened, so it would only be outside on the terrace at dusk that you will notice them. 

Can I feed the Cassowary?

No, please don't. Whilst they are fascinating birds, they are wild and not at all friendly. They can be often seen wandering around the roads in the area and have the right of way at all times. They can also be seen wandering up and down the driveway or around the outside of the home.

Please don't feed them or approach them if you come across them one on the driveway or walking track. 

Is the villa safe for small children, especially concerning the pool area?

The terrace area, which includes outdoor dining and lounge spaces, is directly accessible from the living/dining area and is secured by a 1.2-meter-high fence surrounding the balcony. A step down leads to a landing equipped with two pool safety gates—one at the top of the pool stairs and another leading to the side garden. When both gates are closed, the terrace area is completely enclosed, ensuring safety.

The pool area itself is accessible via approximately eight steps down from the terrace and is securely enclosed. It features a fence around two sides, a high garden bed on one side, and the studio on the other, providing a safe environment for all.

Please note, if there is any furniture close to the fences that children could potentially climb on, we recommend moving these items away during your stay to enhance safety further.