Is Villa Amavi Pet Friendly?

Pets are most definitely welcome; I know what it's like to go on holidays and not have them with you. 

Please remember we are in a rainforest, so don't leave your furry family members outside on their own as the local wildlife can be about. 

Please keep pets off the sofas or beds and we ask guests to use the throws provided, just in case. 

There is a fully fenced area beside the home on the master bedroom side for doggies convenience, and I would appreciate is guests clean up any little gifts before you leave. 

Is there a fenced area for dogs?

Yes, our property includes a fenced garden area designed to accommodate dogs. For more details on the location and layout of this area, please refer to the floor plan provided.

Villa Amavi Floor Plan | Villa Amavi

Can I feed the Cassowary?

No, please don't. Whilst they are fascinating birds, they are wild and not at all friendly. They can be often seen wandering around the roads in the area and have the right of way at all times. They can also be seen wandering up and down the driveway or around the outside of the home.

Please don't feed them or approach them if you come across them one on the driveway or walking track.