Seasonal Tropical Fruit & Cheese Platter 

$80 (serves 2-4 guests)

Selection of fresh seasonal fruit, including tropical fruits, Bowerbird's Pantry Mango and Ginger panaforte (100g), Mungalli Creek Yoghurt (375g), Gallo Dairy Rainforest Chive Cheese and Water Crackers.

Design Your Own Pizza Hamper 

$65 (2 DYO Large Pizzas - 2-4 guests)


Villa Amavi has a fantastic Pizza oven on the Terrace as part of the outdoor kitchenette. We also have pizza trays, plenty of space on the island bench, and can provide all the ingredients you need to Design Your Own (DYO) pizzas.

This is an excellent option for the night you arrive; it can all be waiting in the fridge for you. All you have to do is turn on the pizza oven, spread out the ingredients and trays on the island bench and get creative. Pop them into the Pizza oven and let it do its thing.  In about 20 minutes, you will have a delicious pizza just how you like it. 

Your DYO Pizza Hamper includes: 2 Large Pizza Bases, Passata (400g), Mushrooms (200g), Selection of Local Silkwood smallgoods - Salamis, Prosciutto, Ham (400g), Small Red Onion (1), Perfect Pizza Grated Cheese (150g), Mozzarella Grated Cheese (150g), Pineapple Pieces (225g), Olives (110g), Anchovies (45g) and add a touch of Italian taste from the large selection of complementary herbs. 

Gourmet Brunch Hamper

$80 (ample produce for 2-4 guests, or for 3 guests to enjoy over a few days)


The generous brunch hamper includes all your breakfast / brunch essentials to enjoy over a couple of leisurely mornings out on the terrace. We will organise everything for you, sourcing as much seasonal and local produce as possible during your stay, and have your hamper waiting for you when you arrive. 

Your Brunch Hamper includes: Yamagishi Happy Eggs (1/2 dozen), Local Silkwood Bacon (250g), Sourdough Bread (1 loaf), Misty Mountains Milk, Full Cream (750ml), Mungalli Creek Fruit Yoghurt (375g), Orange Juice (1litre), Rainforest  Bounty Ooray Plum and Blueberry Conserve (120g), selection of jams and spreads, butter portions and local seasonal fruit and vegetables including Mushrooms (250g), Cherry Tomatoes (200g), Avocado (1), Berries (200g), Bananas (2), Pineapple (half).  

Plus, from the pantry stores, choose from locally made Wholefood Co Breakfast Crunch - Almond, Coconut and Honey (GF) OR Macadamia, Honey & Oat (WF), OR Muesli and, of course, for the coffee lovers, your choice of complimentary Espresso coffee or Nespresso pods and for tea lovers, choose from a large selection of teas and herbal infusions. 

Baked Camembert & Lillypilly Platter 

$50 (for 2-4 guests) 

This platter has all the ingredients to provide a delicious alternative to a cold cheese platter. It can be served at room temperature, but for something different, use the local camembert cheese from Gallo Dairy on the Tablelands. Take it up a notch by scoring the top and baking for 15-20 mins. When ready to serve, sprinkle with delicious Salt & Pepper mixed nuts from Bowerbird's Pantry, drizzle with Cape York Lillypilly Berries in syrup, and serve warm.

The platter is perfect on its own as an entree, or add it to one of the other platters for an extended grazing table. All the ingredients will be ready and waiting with instructions for baking the Camembert.

Your Camembert Platter includes: Local Gallo Dairy Camembert Cheese (200g), Rainforest Bounty Cape York Lillypilly Berries in syrup (120g), Bowerbird's Pantry Salt & Pepper Mixed Nuts & Seeds (80g), Bowerbird's Pantry Lavosh Crackers (90g), Water Crackers (125g) and Fresh Pears (2).

If you decide you would like 2 camembert platters, we can either increase the ingredients above, so there are enough for 8 people to share, or provide ingredients for another combination, such as pistachios and cranberries drizzled with local honey and baked with fresh thyme. Just let us know at the time of booking, what you'd prefer.  

Amavi Antipasto Platter 

$85 (for 2-4 guests) 


Enjoy antipasto classics based around a selection of local cheeses and salamis. The platter can be enjoyed on its own, or add it one of the other platters for an extended grazing table. All the ingredients will be ready and waiting for you to enjoy at any time during your stay. 


Your Antipasto Platter includes: 2 local Gallo Dairy tableland kinds of cheese (200g each), Local Silkwood Charcuterie - salamis, ham, chorizo, prosciutto (450g), Bowerbird's Pantry Lavosh Crackers (90g), Water Crackers (125g), Rainforest Bounty - Ooray Plum and Strawberry paste (120g), Mixed Gourmet Olives (110g), Sweet Spiced Gherkins (280g) and Roasted Capsicum Strips (130g).

Terrace Grazing Platter 

$120 (serves 2-4 guests)


The grazing platter is designed for you to enjoy over a long lazy lunch on the terrace taking in the view; it has a generous selection of local produce, and some gourmet delights to enjoy with friends or family.

The hamper can be tailored to suit your dietary preferences and will be waiting for you in the fridge when you arrive, ready to enjoy any time during your stay.

Your Grazing Platter includes: 2 Gallo Dairy tableland cheeses (200g each), Local Silkwood Charcuterie - e.g. salamis, ham, prosciutto (350g), Bowerbird's Pantry Lavosh Crackers (90g), Speciality Crackers (130g), Bowerbird's Pantry Salt & Pepper Mixed Nuts & Seeds (80g), Wholefood Co Panaforte - Macadamia, Mango & Ginger OR Chocolate, Pineapple & Pepper (100g), Rainforest Bounty Chutney - Cape York Lillypilly OR Tamarind & Mango (250g), Hummus Dip (60g), Marinated Olives (130g), Semi Dried Tomatoes in Mediterranean Herbs (130g), Dried Tropical Fruit (100g), Berries (1 punnet) and local Charley's Chocolate. 

We have excellent local producers right here in Mission Beach and across Far North Queensland. We aim to bring as much of their produce to your hampers and platters as possible to give you a little taste of what we have at our doorstep. However, if something is unavailable during your stay, we will make every effort to substitute it with something similar.

The hampers and platters are designed for 2-4 guests to share. If you have more guests in your group or would like to increase the number of items in the hamper, select the hamper or platter when booking your accommodation, indicating how many of each you would like. We will adjust the quantities in each platter to suit. 

OR Contact us via phone or email if you would like us to tailor something to suit your needs or even create a grazing table for a special occasion.   

For accommodation booked through Airbnb or HomeAway, you can contact us via phone or email. We will provide an order confirmation and payment details. 

Dietary needs can be catered for, such as gluten or dairy-free options. Please advise if anyone in the group has allergies, and we will substitute those ingredients. ‚Äč